03 June 2012

Something 4 The End Of The Weekend

Tom Verlaine:  Cover:  "Travelling"  [mp3]

I took a trip to Mad City Music Exchange at around noon today.  As usual, I had a list in my fist, but in particular, I was hoping to score some used Ry Cooder CDs.  To that end, I only came away with one, but such is the life of the collector, such is the thrill and disappointment of the hunt.

What was thrilling today was running across Tom Verlaine's 1984 album, Cover, which would seem to be a fairly difficult album to find here in Madison.  I really like Verlaine, and sometimes even love him, and after acquiring this CD today, I only have one more of his solo albums to find to complete my Verlaine collection, and that's rather exciting.

And after my first listen to this record, I'm rather liking it.  It sounds a little bit dated as far as that 80's production sound goes, but the songs are as strong as one might expect from Verlaine, and I give him credit for utilizing a drum machine, a relatively new piece of gear in 1984.  Aside from a few hired session parts, this is truly a solo effort. 

And I could mention another artist from the 1980s that sounds similar to this, but I'll leave it to you to figure that out...

Hotcha!  Hank

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