07 July 2012

Something 4 The Weekend # 242

DIIV:  Oshin:  "Air Conditioning"  [mp3]

Sweet holy fuck it has been hot around here the last couple of weeks.  Every day this week the temperature has topped 100 degrees, with two or three of those days hitting 105 or higher to say nothing of the heat index which typically makes it feel another 5 to 10 degrees hotter.

It's been hot just about everywhere around the country, but this is Wisconsin for fucking sake!  Six months from now the temperatures could easily be 100 degrees colder than right now.  I'd like to see Miami or Houston deal with sub-freezing temperatures this Christmas.  I'd like to see the fine folks of Phoenix shoveling snow just once.  Just once, so they can fully appreciate the hellish absurdity of living in a climate that has a 100+ differential in temperature.

It's just not fair, I tells ya, but I suppose air-conditioning is the great equalizer. 

I love you, Frigidaire!

I love you too, DIIVOshin is an awesome album.

Stay cool, everyone.  Global warming aside, it can't stay this hellish forever.

Hotcha!  Hank

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