24 August 2012

Something 4 The Weekend # 246

The Halo Benders:  God Don't Make No Junk:  "On A Trip"  [mp3]

On my way home from work today, I stopped at Pawn America to look for a good and cheap game or two for the PS2.  While browsing the aisle, a woman and her son approached and began flipping through the video game racks as well.

After a time, a very ripe and awful odor quickly overtook our area, and for awhile, we all pretended not to notice the warm and fetid stench, but alas it was only pretend.  There was no possible way one could deny the existence of this overwhelming stank.

Eventually the boy, who was perhaps three years old, said to his mother, "Mommy, I poopeded my pants."

"No kidding," the mother said sarcastically, continuing to flip through the racks of games without pausing once to even look at her pungent son.

I couldn't take it anymore, and made my way out of range, two aisles over.  I found myself looking at Blu-Ray discs.  I don't own a Blu-Ray player.

I would estimate that the woman and her son continued looking at video games for at least another ten minutes.  I couldn't see or smell the kid from where I stood, but I could see the mother, still mindlessly flipping.  I assume the boy was miserable.  I would be too, with pants full of crap and a mother like that.

No kidding.

Hotcha!  Hank

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