30 October 2012

Tuesday's Fortune: 30 October 2012

MEAL:  2 Vegetable Spring Rolls + 1 small order Sweet & Sour Chicken = $6.85 + $1.15 tip

Hotcha!  Hank

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27 October 2012

Something 4 The Weekend # 251

John Cale:  Paris 1919:  "Antarctica Starts Here"  [mp3]

This is the 1300th post here at HOT POOP.

It took about seven years.  POT HOOP. 
Of course, lately the best you get is fortunes on Tuesdays, and maybe an MP3 for the weekend about 50-60% of the time.  TOP POOH.

What was the point of all this?  What is the point?  POP HOOT.

A barren, windy intellect in a cold and lonely place.  I've come so far over these seven years, to arrive at a place so fucking distant from where I intended all this to go.  HOP POOT.

Where do I go from here?  How do I get back?

Hotcha!  Hank

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26 October 2012

Friday's Fortune: 26 October 2012

MEAL:  1 order (6) Steamed Dumplings + 1 small order Hunan Pork = $6.85 + $1.15 tip

Hotcha!  Hank

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16 October 2012

Tuesday's Fortune: 16 October 2012

MEAL:  2 Vegetable Spring Rolls + 1 small order Chicken & Pea Pods = $6.65 + $1.35

Hotcha!  Hank

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12 October 2012

Something 4 The Weekend # 250

Hank Mohaski:  Revolution & Pleasure:  "Malarky, Part Twelve"  [mp3]

I apologize for foisting another one of my tunes upon you so soon after the last time, but during last night's VP debate, Joe Biden used the word "malarky", which is my fourth favorite word (yes, I have a list), and I felt compelled to share this particular song, probably recorded in 1994 on my old Tascam 4-Track.  Because of the limitations of a cassette 4-track, I couldn't squeeze any bass on this song without making the entire thing sound like absolute shit.  You may think it still sounds like shit without the bass, but I like the song, and in general, I'm happy with this recording, despite the lack of bass.

Malarky man plays bomb scenarios of little one-act plays that blow up in his face.  Malarky man shows swingsets flat fall, and purple lips the size of throw pillows with sutured fringe that bled on Sundays.  Malarky man blows darts underground, planting them in the flesh of a rose named Dave.  Porcupine of horse he became, lost among the angels in the city of Los Angeles.  Malarky man made to find all the pockets of wants on the leathered daughter of a drunkstore mogul.  In cemeteries and dry bathtubs.  Alone, and amongst pimpled heathens of discovery.  Malarky man made to meditate on meant with nothing more than a blind eye for a brain, and a marmalade memory, now he cries for triggers soft and lame between missives from heaven that boom and smart 'scapes.  "Bunch of goddamned malarky" said the twisted, toothless old man.
Hotcha!  Hank

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09 October 2012

Tuesday's Fortune: 09 October 2012

MEAL:  1 order (8) Crab Rangoon + 1 small order Sweet & Sour Chicken = $8.40 + $1.60 tip

Hotcha!  Hank

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05 October 2012

Something 4 The Weekend # 249

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band:  The Spotlight Kid:  "Blabber N'Smoke"  [mp3]

2012 has become the election of the percentages. 

First it was the 99% and the 1%.  I won't get into the whole scope of that except to say that according to the Congressional Budget Office, between 1979 and 2007, the top earning 1 percent of Americans have seen their after-tax-and-benefit incomes grow by an average of 275%, compared to around 40-60% for the lower 99 percent.

Then a few weeks ago a video emerged of Mitt Romney speaking at a $50,000/plate fundraiser back in May 2012, saying
"There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it."
Mitt Romney believes that if you are a Democrat, you are de facto a helpless, possibly lazy, victim who cannot take care of yourself.  Mitt Romney said these things to a room full of people each giving him $50k.  Mitt Romney must be voting for Barack Obama.

And now, within the last week, a 2010 video has emerged of Paul Ryan saying that 60% of Americans enjoy more dollars worth of benefits from the government than the amount they pay in taxes, and that this 60% of Americans are "takers versus makers".  This is probably true, or close to being true, but it's less about the numbers and more about the philosophy behind the statement, a poor choice of words perhaps, in order for him to make a quippy rhyme, but nonetheless, the belief that nearly two-thirds of Americans aren't pulling their weight.  I guess that means there's a 60% chance he's talking about you and me. 

Hmmm...Considering the amount of money spent to keep a congressional office running - staffers, security, travel expenses, operational costs, Paul Ryan is undoubtedly one of those 60% too.  Paul Ryan is a TAKER!  OMFG!

Anyways, I'm 93% certain you don't give a shit about my opinion about any of this, so allow me to say this, and try to disagree - the history of civilization has always been the story of a very small minority of people controlling a vast majority of money and power, and using those tools to exploit and control and even opress a very large majority of people without much wealth or power.

So there's really only one question to ask.  Which side are you on?

C'mon, it's a 50/50 proposition.

Hotcha!  Hank

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02 October 2012

Tuesday's Fortune: 02 October 2012

MEAL:  4 Roast Pork Egg Rolls + 1 order (8) steamed dumplings = $7.90 + $1.10 tip

Hotcha!  Hank

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