02 November 2012

Something 4 The Weekend # 252

Camper Van Beethoven:  II & III:  "(We're A) Bad Trip"  [mp3]

Imagine eight to twelve young stoners sitting around a large coffee table in the living room of a Victorian house on Milwaukee's east side circa 1988.  As you might imagine, every last one of those stoners arrived at that powwow with a disposable lighter on their person.

The circles in which I travelled liked to play a game we simply called "The Lighter Game".  The object of the lighter game was to come into possession of somebody else's lighter without their immediate knowledge.  This meant until that person asks "Who's got my fucking lighter?", or until that person left.  As you can imagine, with bongs and pipes being passed around, there was also the tendency for lighters to travel as well.  And of course, being stoned made it more likely for us to forget we've handed off our lighter.

We played this game within the confines of these stoner circles, and at larger parties, where there were many people who had no knowledge of "The Lighter Game", and so the winner of that night's lighter game might have as many as six or eight lighters rattling around in the pocket of their Levis 501 buttonfly jeans.

Anyways, that was kinda our version of CVB's "bad trip".

Hotcha!  Hank

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