30 October 2007

Delayed Thurston Sideways Maneuver

"Bow down to the queen of noise."

So yeah, this is a video for "Ono Soul", a song off Thurston Moore's solo debut, Psychic Hearts, and it's a tight piece of lumpen cuz I [heart] Thurston, and Psychic Hearts is a damn solid album of SY Pop Lite stylings, and I also [heart] Yoko Ono quite alot. I love her so much, in fact, that I even wrote and recorded two different songs about her..."Onoboner" from approximately 1988, and "Usflux" in 2000. Some sunny day in 2012, I will write a third.

Beatle fans and critics in general who hate Yoko and think she ruined and broke up the Beatles aren't really true fans or good critics. Yoko Ono was the best thing that ever happened to John Lennon as an artist, and probably as a person, and in turn, a more interesting Lennon made for a more interesting Beatles...

We are all products of our influences - even the Beatles, who escaped their Skiffle roots through Bob Dylan and his weed, George Martin's studio prowess, Indian music and spirituality, Buck Owens, LSD, and Yoko Ono, just to name a few. The White Album is a monumental collage of all these influences and dozens more, and it is certainly their most interesting and musical recording, if not their defining one. Personally, I think Sgt. Peppers is a fine pop record, but it's probably only my fifth or sixth favorite Beatle record.

For her part, Yoko was doing her own thing, her own songs and recordings, which were/are just as diverse and interesting as The White Album, if not quite as appealing musically (depending on yr tastes)...Her singing in particular, can oftentimes be tough for Western minds to get with, as we don't tend to like and appreciate atonal music the way Eastern people do...Still, at other times, she sang straightforward ballads that tend to appeal to our Western sensibilities, and they're quite lovely...She worked with Ornette Coleman and John Cage, the guys from Can, and our man, Zappa, to name just a few...To dismiss Yoko Ono as a musical dilettante is definitely short-sighted, and the rest comes down to taste, I guess...

Dada...Fluxus...NYC No Wave...The ButterScotch Threshold...

Those are some of my tastes, and I [heart] Thurston and Yoko and the approximately infinite universe they reflect and inspire.

Hotcha! Hank

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