02 September 2008


So, I was drunk on the WBST airwaves a couple weekends ago, playing a load of Guided By Voices tunes and trying to keep my shit together...This month's EVERYTHINGATHON! is 60+ minutes of that debacle, nothing more, nothing less...
For those of you who might want to drink a bunch of Golden Showers as you listen to me drink a bunch of Golden Showers, the "corrected" recipe is as follows:
Place exactly FOUR ice cubes in a ROCKS glass.
Mix 2 shots of RUM, preferably DARK RUM,
1 shot of BANANA LIQUER,
and top off with 7-Up.
Yeah, nothing says UW is back in session more than getting completely hammered on a completely frivolous and stupid cocktail, while classic Lo-Fi Indie Rock blares in the background...
Hotcha! Hank

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