09 April 2010

Something 4 The Weekend # 161

I could blather about buzz runs circa 1987...Parked and chilled out at Rabbit Ridge...Girls, green, and tape machines loaded with all sorts of shit on SST...I could say that even a Minutemen junkie like myself needed a break from San Pedro's finest from time to time, and Saccharine Trust were a quality sideways maneuver in that regard...
Hell, Mike Watt, the Minutemen's bassist, produced this album, and this is Bob Fitzer playing his own bass like he's got Jaco running right through his own hands, trying to beat Watt at his own legendary thudstaff game...
Meanwhile, Jack Brewer is singing about being hungover at church, and whatever spiritual implications that might have...At least I think that's what's happening...
It doesn't matter...I told myself I wouldn't blather...I wouldn't "vomit nostalgia" as Brewer says in this song...
I'll just say, Saccharine Trust holds up pretty damn well...Ayup.
It's kinda like Jethro Tull for GenX punks. Or Fusion for Fauxhemians.
Kinda. Whatever.
Hotcha! Hank

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