30 April 2010

Something 4 The Weekend # 164

The Dream Syndicate still has a small but very loyal fanbase among GenX, and in general, the critics have been very kind to the Los Angeles band since their earliest days in the Paisley Underground movement of the mid-'80's out there in southern California.
Try as I might, "John Coltrane Stereo Blues" is the one and only Dream Syndicate song I like. It was the freshman dorms at UW, vinyl LPs were selling for $4.99 at The Den, and I was smoking alot of really good weed that was migrating up from the fourth floor.
I wasn't listening to much (or any) Jazz that year, no Coltrane on my stereo, not like I would in a couple short years from then, but I did listen to to this one cut off Medicine Show an awful awful lot, and I drank my share of wine... Glorious wine! Glorious song!
Hotcha! Hank

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