20 May 2010

Maneuver The Elf Rainbow Sideways

Ronnie James Dio's blues-rock phase, circa 1973.

Elf, doing a song called "Rainbow" a few years before Ronnie Dio joined Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, which had an album called Rainbow Rising as well as a song called "Rainbow Eyes". All of that preceded the Dio (the band) song, "Rainbow In The Dark" in 1983.


Consider that the B-Side of Ronnie & The Red Caps' 1958 debut single "Conquest" was a tune called "Lover". Their next two singles were called "Judy, I Love You" and "An Angel Is Missing".

Then consider this fun fact - if you look at Dio's logo (the band) rotated 180°, it reads "devil".

Ahh, marketing!

Ronnie James Dio - The lover, the devil, and me...

Anyways, this is a nice union of song and animation. A Cool video.

Hotcha! Hank

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