03 September 2010

Something 4 The Weekend # 180

I've travelled the United States pretty extensively over the years, and I've long believed that the absolute worst drivers I've encountered anywhere are right here in the city of Madison. I could rattle off a pretty long list of lousy driving skills, but the two that irritate me the most are not using turn signals, and driving below the speed limit.
So when it was announced earlier this year that our company was relocating to Middleton, I was immediately bummed because my commute would go from 8-12 minutes to 30-40 minutes.
And now that I've been making that longer commute for the past month, I hate to say that I was 100% right to get bummed, because indeed I am now dealing with morons for more than an hour every day.
The first three days I took the beltline, which is essentially a freeway with a 55 mph speed limit. The second morning commute to Middleton took almost an hour. An hour to travel 17 miles because the beltline is pretty much a fucking parking lot during rush hour. Rush hour. Yeah right.
So on the fourth day, I started taking County M around the north side of Lake Mendota. It's a pretty consistent 30-35 minute commute, and it's a fairly enjoyable ride past rolling fields and whatnot, but it's still annoying because I've probably only been able to do the speed limit two or three times in the past three weeks. Every single commute, you can bet your ass there's some fuckwad doing 5-10 mph under the limit with a long line of cars stuck behind said fuckwad. Annoying as hell, and yet not as annoying as idling on the fucking beltline for no good reason.
I'm not a speed demon (I tend to drive 5-10 miles over the limit - that sweet spot that cops won't usually ticket) but I'll never understand why there are so many fucking people in this area who are incapable of even doing the speed limit. Especially those drivers behind the wheel of high performance vehicles, like that douche in the Shelby Mustang I was stuck behind yesterday morning.
Anyways, there's no point to this post, but then again, is there ever a point to any of these posts?
Hotcha! Hank

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