03 February 2012

Something 4 The Weekend # 234

Sufjan Stevens: Enjoy Your Rabbit: "Year Of The Dragon" [mp3]

The Dragon Year is supposedly the luckiest year. Not just for Fire Horses like myself, but all of us - Wood Rabbits, Metal Monkeys, Earth Snakes, Water Dogs - all of us! Now I don't know about you, but I intend on taking advantage of this extra luck.

I've started playing the lottery. So far I'm down $7, but the Dragon Year is young and I haven't been to my usual gas station lately.

I'm playing in a high stakes poker game later this month at a supposedly haunted farm house on the outskirts of Baraboo. I've had pretty good luck with ghosts. And Baraboo.

I've also decided this is the year I accomplish three things - acquire a literary agent, finish and sell a short story collection, and finally rid the Maple tree in the front yard of fucking squirrels. I'm counting on that extra Dragon Luck to accomplish these things.

(There is no Year Of The Squirrel, and there's a damn good reason for that.)

A smaller goal might be to reinvigorate this blog in the following months. Or maybe start something new and different. But what?

In any event, I hope that you, dear reader, have a great Year Of The Dragon as well, and that all the fucking squirrels in your world are dead or dying.

In the meantime, enjoy your Sufjan Stevens song.

Hotcha! Hank

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