14 December 2012

Something 4 Sandy Hook

Japandroids:  Celebration Rock:  "The House That Heaven Built"  [mp3]

After the shit that went down in Connecticut this morning, I found myself sitting at my desk playing all of the loudest, most anthemic and energizing music I could find on my hard drive.  Music to combat the deep sadness, music to express the frustrated anger in the wake of another senseless atrocity.  Music to fight the tears.

(Gun control, video games, the mental health system, our economy, etcetera etcetera...)

I'm simply not interested in the same dull round of talking heads making the same tired points about the same old causes of murder.  I don't particularly give a shit about what Reddit has to say, just like you could give a fuck about what I'm about to say...

Twenty little kids killed this morning, among others, and you know as well as I do that this won't be the last time.  And even though today's tragedy feels like the worst one yet, you know as well as I do that it won't feel like the worst forever, because every new one is the worst one yet.  And you know you'll cry again at your desk at work, and you just hope no one notices because it wrongly feels wrong to cry at fucking work at your fucking desk, but goddammit, the shit just keeps going down and there is no other answer except that some people are simply fucked in the head, but that's no fucking answer, is it?

So right now I just want to dance and sing and bang my fists on the coffee table and I dunno, celebrate the fact that I'm alive and singing and banging my fists on the fucking coffee table.

I hope there were some small mercies in that school this morning.  I hope we all are shown a little mercy when our time comes.  Sadly, I think that's the best we can hope for.


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