23 February 2007

Something 4 The Weekend # 27

It's been a strange winter, this one...

Unseasonably warm and not much snow in November and December, or even January, really, and then we got hit with a rather frigid February, two solid weeks of temperatures below zero, and it got so cold I had to replace a car battery for the first time in at least a decade. Just BRUTAL cold, "brutal" being the defacto adjective used by everyone, whether they're on television or not...Then a week later, which was last week, we hit 50 degrees...Go figure.

Now we're gearing up for a huge snowstorm this weekend...Buffalo NY kinda snow...Upwards of 14-16 inches of the stuff if the storm breaks the right way, though my gut, the arthritis in my right knee, and tendonitis in my left thumb are telling me we'll only end up with about 8-10 inches by the time Monday morning rolls around...Trust the gut...Put yr faith in my ailments...

So I was thinking about streaming a Snow Patrol song for this week's Something 4 The Weekend, but here's the thing about that band...I don't think I like 'em that much...

I mean, a few week's ago I went with some friends to see Children Of Men, and on the drive to the theater the three of us were talking about whatever (politics and film, and political films) and a song came creeping out of the car's system that I recognized...I asked what it was and C&C told me it was Snow Patrol...I recognized the song from some television show I had seen - Scrubs, maybe, The OC, or Weeds...Who knows...The thing is, it's the kind of song that a hipster music director might choose for the show they work for - pleasing enough, but not too intrusive or disruptive to the show itself, while at other times mildly anthemic, something that could very well crop into the last two minutes of The Unit...In other words, the kind of song one notices and vaguely recognizes while having a conversation in a moving vehicle, but not quite good enough to distract for more than the ten seconds it takes to ask about and get answered.

It was good enough, in a vaguely nostalgic way, for me to pick up a used copy of their Final Straw CD on my subsequent trip to Mad City Music Exchange ...After listening to it a couple times, I came to the conclusion that Snow Patrol aren't exactly the most engaging band in the world...In other words, it's the perfect kind of music for television shows and background music...

Like I said, I was thinking about streaming some Snow Patrol tonight, but I'm not thinking about it anymore.

Instead, I think I'm gonna stream some Can.

Can, because they're one of my favorite bands. "Splash", because the title makes me think of swimming pools and summer, psychic magic against the coming snowstorm.


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