09 February 2007

Something 4 The Weekend # 25

Deerhoof finally won me over with 2005's The Runners Four album, on which they seemed (to me) to really hone their pop chops while still maintaining a goodly amount of their quirky verve and dissonant tendencies. When guitarist Chris Cohen left the band last year, alot of fans were sweating heavy, wondering if the band would have the same mojo, cuz they had really hit their stride when Cohen joined the band for Apple O' in 2003...

Well, the new album, Friend Opportunity, plays a similar strain of The Runners Four, and early listens indicate they haven't really lost a step with Cohen's departure, though certainly the man is missed...They're a trio now, and a true power trio at that, and three's a magic number for them at the moment...

Anyways, Deerhoof are from San Francisco, and from my experiences there, I'd say that's just about right...They're alot of fun, and they're challenging in all the right ways...Serious fun, I guess, and I'm sure they've got their pretensions, and probably a cache of weed and absinthe.

Soooooo, "+81" is a grrroovy something 4 the weekend...Enjoy, and get it on...

Hotcha! Hank

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