02 February 2007

So, this is what terrorism looks like...

So, this is what terrorism looks like...Hmmm...
So, correct me if I'm wrong...

Terrorism does not look like a Ryder truck filled with fertilizer and gasoline?

Terrorism does not look like a young man strapped with a C-4 explosive belt riding the subway?

Terrorism does not look like a stick of dynamite, or several sticks of dynamite bundled together and sitting on the steps of a federal building?

Terrorism is not an abandoned briefcase making a distinct ticking sound?

Terrorism does not look like a passenger jet slamming into the sides of tall buildings?

Terrorism does not look like a corpse rigged with explosives laying in the middle of a street in Tikrit?

Terrorism does not look like an envelope discharging a white, powdery substance?

To the officials in Boston who are insistent that Lite Brites depicting a cartoon character are indeed terrorism, I would suggest they spend some time on the streets of Baghdad to get a better handle on what terrorism really is...I suggest they witness a car bomb exploding on the next street corner...I suggest they find the headless torsos of innocent civilians who had been abducted randomly off the streets a week earlier...In short, I suggest they live for awhile in an urban environment in which every piece of litter bigger than a can of soda must be considered a potential IED...

After the overreaction by Boston officials yesterday to the ATHF ad campaign, all I can do is lament the fact that large portions of our citizenry have lost their balls, and in the process, have allowed the terrorists to win...

Notcha! Hank

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