19 January 2007

Something 4 The Weekend # 22

The Sword is a Heavy Metal band outta Austin, TX. There are four members of the band, and two of them sport facial hair. They have approximately 22,000 MySpace friends, though I'm not one of 'em because I just don't care for MySpace. A friend of mine in the real world believes this dislike for MySpace illustrates my anti-social tendencies, but really, I'm a friendly guy. I just happen to believe that "MySpace" is the place between the ears. Dig it? Besides, I gave up on my own dreams of musical fame and fortune a couple of years ago, so I've got nothing to push and plug, and I've got no networking ambitions anymore. I'm 40 fucking years old, for chrissake.

The Sword: Winter's Wolves: 128k mp3

Anyways, here is an MP3 from The Sword's debut album, Age Of Winter. Wikipedia describes the band as Doom Metal, which I don't believe to be true. This is pretty much straight-up Stoner Metal in the vein of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, or High On Fire, though I may be wrong because I just don't smoke much weed anymore. That happens when ya hit middle age and all the weed dealers in yr area go to high school. I've got no love for teenagers, mainly because they all hang out on MySpace.


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