16 March 2007

Something 4 The Weekend # 30

38 years since The Stooges eponymous debut album, and still they stand on the sidewalk outside the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame...Watchin' Patti Smith waltz in this year, and all I'm gonna say about that is WTF?

The Stooges: "Real Cool Time": 128k mp3

History is fluid, and so are opinions and marketing campaigns, and here we are in 2007 with a new Stooges album, The Weirdness, and heightened talk about the band's importance and influence is flooding through the culture again...Of course time is firmly on The Stooges' side, so I've got no worries, but ya still gotta ask, what's taking so long????? If I did the math right, they were first eligible in 1994...If my memory still serves, REM was pushing their faux-grunge Monster album on the masses in 1994...Iggy Pop must hurt, sometimes...

Anyways, this post hasn't come, half-baked and undercooked from my noodle, to bury Patti Smith and Michael Stipe...No, this post is a celebration of the fact that three old dudes, and one kinda old dude (Mike Watt) have delivered a disc of greasy garage energy and a real cool time for a full 40+ minutes, outshining their peers, for sure, and even showing the kids a thing or two...

The Stooges: "ATM": 128k mp3

So, this weekend we've got two Stooges song, one old, one new, 38 years removed from each other in time, brought together to say "Get yr shit together, Hall of Fame committee"...

Hotcha! Hank

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