10 March 2007

RIP Jean Baudrillard

Jean Baudrillard was a French Post-Modernist philosopher, sociologist and cultural critic who was perhaps best known for his ideas regarding hyperreality and simulacrum. In essence, Baudrillard argued that contemporary culture isn't real, and that all our feelings and experiences are simulated. Our reality is prepared for us, whether it is an edited Iraq war presented to us on the nightly news, or having a poster of the Mona Lisa in our office, rather than experiencing the painting first-hand in the Louvre. And of course, the actual painting of the Mona Lisa is itself a simulation of the actual woman who originally posed for Leonardo da Vinci.

In other words, how many "friends" do you have on MySpace that you've never actually, physically met?

Anyways, this post isn't meant to be some sort of half-assed pontification on Baudrillard's ideas, but merely an acknowledgement of the man's passing yesterday, and the fact that he kinda looks like my dad. As usual, on these here internet tubes, WIKI is a good place to start.

RIP, Mr. Baudrillard.

Hotcha! Hank

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