02 March 2007

Something 4 The Weekend # 28

This week's Something 4 The Weekend is dedicated to Nort Weston. He's a pretty big Donnas fan, definitely a bigger fan than I am, though don't get me wrong, I like 'em enough to own all their albums. But let's get something outta the way up front, a good part of my love for the Donnas is tied up with my lust for guitarist Allison Robertson, formerly known as Donna R., one of the hottest foxes to ever sling a guitar, and as far as that goes, she plays the glam/boogie/metal riffing game with the best of 'em - Malcolm Young, Marc Bolan...Hell, just about any '80's hair metal slinger you care for me to mention...Do you want me to mention 'em?
CC DeVille? Warren DeMartini? Mick Mars? I can do this for another two minutes...
Pete Willis. Jake E. Lee. Those dudes from Judas Priest.
The dudes from The Scorpions.
Anyways, women who play electric guitar automatically jump up the sexy scale, and Allison's got loads of classic chops...

The Donnas: Do You Wanna Hit It?: 128k mp3

As I write this, I imagine Nort's fucking some semi-random chick at a swinger party in the greater Chicago area. That's his main game, if I'm not mistaken, and if I am, then I'd have to imagine that he's drinking hard liquor at a metal dive, though the odds are better it's a sports bar, cuz hey, it's the greater Chicago area. But for my musings tonight, he's banging some quasi-strange chick at a swinger party, and right now, the image of a rose tattoo on a blonde's pelvis throbs through my mind...

What brings this all together is the fact that The Donnas play sex music. Oh sure, it's also party/drinking music, driving music, stripping music, sporting arena music, and video game music, but mostly it's sex music. But not just any kind of sex. It's leaning up against a wall in the alley behind that sports bar kinda sex...It's backseat '77 Chevy Impala kinda sex...It's a bathroom blowjob at a party kinda sex...Do you wanna hit it? Meet me behind the garage in 5 minutes...


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