26 February 2007

Weather Report [update]

As you might recall, I streamed "Splash" by Can last Friday, as a bit of psychic magic to help ward off a large snowstorm heading into Madison. I was confident that the magic was good and sound, the special incantations potent and effective.

I am dismayed to report that this bit of psychic magic failed miserably. In fact, I believe the magic actually backfired, as we've had almost two feet of snow dumped on us since early Saturday morning.

Not only that, but I was at a friend's house on Saturday night, where we played video games until about 2am. During the 6 hours I was there, approximately 8 inches of snow fell, and wouldn't you know it - on my drive home that morning, my car got stuck on a dark side street. Ayup...Right in the middle of the street, where the snow was heavy enough for my car to "float"...So, there I was, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a paved street, down on my hands and knees, digging snow out from under my car, just so I could get the smallest amount of traction to unstick my car. I was successful, but not before shaking my fists at the sky and cursing the low pressure front that was sauntering through southcentral Wisconsin.

The bottom line, people, is this - psychic magic, especially spells utilizing Krautrock, do not work against snowstorms. In fact, if this weekend's experiences are any indication, snowstorms and other low pressure weather systems actually HATE Krautrock (or at least the band Can), and these storms will explode with even more ferocity than normal when confronted with such magic and music.

Also...My gut, the arthritis in my right knee, and the tendonitis in my left thumb were wrong in their predictions this weekend. They were telling me 8-10 inches of snow for the entire weekend, and we got that much by Saturday morning...Now my back is sore from all the shovelling, and I've still gotta go out there one more time tonight. My bones seem to be conspiring against me. Until further notice, do not trust my gut, do not put yr faith in my ailments.


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