07 July 2008

2008 Laminated List # 2

Whenever I see Evangeline Lilly, Outkast's "So Fresh, So Clean" starts spinning on the turntable in my mind...A turntable that looks remarkably similar to the one found down in the Swan Station on LOST, but I digress...

Yes, "fresh" and "clean" are the two best words I can think of to describe Evangeline Lilly's appeal. There's nothing complicated about her beauty, nothing exotic about her face - she's just sublimely good-looking from top to bottom. Her beauty is so pure that it's nearly impossibly to "ugly her up", try as the writers and producers of LOST might...I mean, covered in dried mud, knife wounds and whatnot, her character, Kate, still manages to radiate...
I think it's fair to say that Evangeline Lilly is a bit of a tomboy, although the term "tomboy" itself might not be fair in this post-feminist world of ours. On LOST, her character Kate is a tough-as-nails, take-no-bullshit kinda woman, and as her backstory tells us, she certainly doesn't take any shit of men, doesn't believe that any woman should take any shit from any man. Part of this characterization includes the fact that Kate, as a woman, can do anything that a man can do, or at least believes this to be so, and typically she's involved in actions that have long been relegated to the masculine - she tracks and hunts animals, she tracks humans, she fights, she's handy with knives and guns and isn't afraid to use them...On a mysterious island teeming with alpha-males, there's Kate, always in the thick of it.

And yet, as much blood and dirt as they cake on her, as many sweaty man-things as they have her character do, she still looks like she ought to be doing those things, under those circumstances. She doesn't look like some sort of dainty princess flung into the muck. Her beauty transcends all.

And so it happens that Evangeline Lilly lands at #2 on this year's Laminated List, which is probably as high as any woman can climb as long as you-know-who lives and breathes. Of course, her profile has been extremely high in my mind lately as Season 4 of LOST was absolutely stellar, and LOST has easily been my favorite drama on television since about episode four of Season 1 to begin with...
Finally, freckles are always hot.
Hotcha! Hank

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