28 October 2008

ROUGH RYDERS 2008: Week Eight

Well, babycakes, our beloved WINONA ROUGH RYDERS won again this week, defeating THE HAIRY NIPPLES by a respectable 34 FP. However, we were projected to win by about 100 FP, and the fact that we didn't is a huge cause for concern.

I'm not worried about Pittsburgh's team defense, or James Harrison's performance, as I had picked the Giants to beat the Steelers, and their underperformance was somewhat expected.

No, I'm concerned about my fucking wide receivers, none of whom are playing anywhere near their potential. Terrell Owens was a bust for the third week in a row, and 4 out of the last 5 weeks, and I've completely lost confidence in his ability to, you know, actually perform like an All-Pro WR...The sad part is, when Tony Romo gets back from his broken finger, I have doubts this is going to change. TO is a non-factor in the Cowboy offense, it's as simple as that. He's become an overpriced decoy this season and nothing more. This isn't completely his fault, since Brad Johnson can't throw the ball more than 15 yards downfield, and when Romo was healthy, he never threw the ball TO's way too often anyways. But now I have this gut feeling that TO just doesn't give a shit anymore. He recognizes his reduced role in this offense, and I believe he's just stopped trying.

Meanwhile, I picked up Derrick Mason on a whim because I had a feeling Marques Colston wouldn't do anything this week (he didn't). Of course, this would be the week that Mason caught only one pass for 3 yards, after being the #1 targeted receiver on his team all season long. This is an omen, I'm telling ya...An omen that my receiving corps is going to continue sucking the rest of the season.

Greg "Brillo" Camarillo exceeded (barely) expectations this week, but when expectations are this low, it's not hard to excel. I should point out that Camarillo has been his teams #1 targeted receiver all season, until this week, of course. No, this week Ted Ginn exploded. Fuck the Dolphins. Fuck Chad Pennington. Fuck Ted Ginn.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Stewart was little used in Carolina's victory over Arizona, and it's only through luck that he's put up much better numbers all season. He's the #2 back in Carolina, but at least he's been getting red zone touches. Not this week.

Likewise, the Jets continue to underutilize Thomas Jones. They were playing the very worst run defense in the NFL this weekend, the KC Chiefs, so what does coach Mangini do? Has Favre throwing the fucking ball all over the place, all day. He threw three interceptions, by the way, and the Jets were lucky, and nothing more, when they squeaked out a victory over the Chiefs. Fuck Eric Mangini. Fuck the Jets. Hey, Jets fans, you wanna know why your team won't make the playoffs this year, and won't improve as long as Mangini is coach? The fuckstain doesn't know how to exploit his opponents' weaknesses.

Otherwise, I guess I can't complain. I started Jason Campbell in place of "Fucking Cuts" Cutler, because of the Bronco BYE, and he played well. In fact, it should be noted that Campbell hasn't thrown a single interception yet this season. Amazing.

Anyways, next week our beloved ROUGH RYDERS are taking on THE WINOS. At the moment the idiot oracles at Yahoo are predicting a very tight score, but I'm here to tell you right now, we're going to lose to THE WINOS next week, and it's gonna be ugly. That's right...I may love my team, but right now and for the forseeable future, I have no faith.

Hotcha! Hank

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