20 December 2008

The Ugliest Sideways Maneuver Ever

OH MY! While perusing the Bootsy Collins videos at YouTube, I came across this stunning bit of footage of a bloated Gene Simmons bringing down the house somewhere on the 1985 KISS Animalized World Tour with an absolutely ridiculous bass solo...

Now, I had the pleasure of seeing KISS ALIVE! on two occasions - the Love Gun World Tour in 1978, when the original band was still intact and wearing their paint, and again on the Lick It Up Tour of 1983 when the make-up was gone, and so were Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, replaced by Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr, respectively. At both shows Gene Simmons unleashed a bass "solo" as positively wretched as the one in this clip...And trust me when I tell you that his singing in concert is equally as horrid...The sick growl of a dying beast amplified through a 40k watt PA system...God of thunder and rock'n'roll, my stinkin' ass...

This man has more fame and money and sex than me and you and, oh, I dunno, Mike Watt, who quickly comes to mind as the greatest rock bassist alive...I'm sure he's got tons more fame and money than Bootsy Collins, and probably the sex as well, but who knows cuz I bet Bootsy pulls plenty...

Hotcha! Hank

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