04 January 2009

On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas

I give to thee...ELEVEN+ MINUTES OF FRANK ZAPPA and "The best band you never heard in your life." Aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi, bowachapoooo, deeedeeeekachit, tingtangullllllllllllllagoooooo...


Frank Zappa: Make A Jazz Noise Here: "Big Swifty" [mp3]

As a 93% hardcore Zappa freak, trust me when I tell you that this is one of the single finest recordings of any of Frank's "classic" songs in his entire, enormous catalog...11+ minutes of impeccable playing, as individuals and as a big band collective, plus just the right amount of humor, which always has a place in music...Especially Jazz, which had already been smelling funny for years when "the best band you never heard of in your life" went on tour in 1988.

Hotcha! Hank

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