29 April 2009

A Word With Moshammer's Ghost

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English jus, from Anglo-French, broth, juice, from Latin; Akin to Old Norse ostr cheese, Greek zyme leaven, Sanskrit yusa broth
Date: 14th century
1: the extractable fluid contents of cells or tissues
2a: the natural fluids of an animal body; "Hey, Katie - please pass the moo juice."
2b: the liquid or moisture contained in something; "I was covered in sweet sticky mango juice and the monkeys were closing in."
3a: the inherent quality of a thing, essence;
3b: strength, vigor, vitality;
4: a medium such as electricity or gasoline that supplies power; "I gave it too much juice and flipped the damn cycle right in front of my dad."
5: slang: liquor: "We passed around a bottle of the good juice and recounted our woes."
6: slang: exorbitant interest exacted of a borrower under the threat of violence:
7: slang: influence, clout; "My boss has alot of juice with the CFO."
8: a motivating, inspiring or enabling force or factor;
Hotcha! Hank

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