25 July 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 128

So let's see - in a typical week, HOT POOP! includes a streaming MP3 each weekend, a video Sideways Maneuver related to that song, and a fucked up fortune cookie fortune every Tuesday...
And that's really about it, eh?
Man, this blog has turned into a giant pile of suck. Posting a bunch of apparently lame shit that nobody really cares about...I feel like I'm just kinda going through the motions with this blog lately, and I shouldn't be surprised that it can't generate any excitement or readers. Plus, I'm a pretty shitty writer with nothing worthwhile to say. Yeah, that helps...
I mean, I've received one reader comment in the past two months, and it was from a fucking customer service rep from Charter after I bitched about their horrible service. So, maybe you can understand my doubt and self-loathing about all this. Apparently I have nothing to say or share that anybody else actually gives a damn about...
So, here's a James Gang song, just to keep the irrelevance of HOT POOP! intact. Plus, a bunch more useless, self-pitying words...
Have a great weekend. I'm gonna sleep alot and try to decide whether or not this blog and EVERYTHINGATHON are worth my time anymore, and if so, whether or not I should simply post pictures of celebrities and snarky comments about how lame and ugly they are...It seems to me that's all anybody really cares about.
Celebrities and bacon. God shed his grace on thee.
Hotcha! Hank

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