17 July 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 127

In regards to S4TW, I've been trying to balance dinosaurs and the youth of today, babycakes...
I'm trying to stay true to my roots (the classic '70's album Rock, Punk, and New Wave that I cut my teeth on, and still love the most), while sharing some of the great and cool new stuff that the kids of today are twittering and facebooking and whatever...Those Pabst-swilling Williamsburg hipsters you don't see much in the record stores these days...Those bearded stoners of Silverlake who've got cooler things to do than go to clubs to see bands, like getting sucked into a Top Chef marathon on Bravo and forgetting to go to clubs and see bands...
And still a band like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart can attain a certain level of indie rock fame and widespread critical acclaim without selling very many shiny discs and/or tickets, cuz according to one of my nameless coworkers, these here internet tubes are reality. Not a separate reality, not virtual reality, but reality. He spends 8+ hours a day writing software code at work, and another 4+ hours networking socially on the internet at home. Add eating and shitting and sleeping, and yeah, I guess this is reality, at least for those of us like him...
And that's the way it is...Friday, July 17th, 2009.
Hotcha! Hank

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