08 July 2009


10 Twittering Porntarts

As I slide slowly into middle age, I'm not quite as horny as I used to be, which is probably for the best because dating and sex become just a bit more difficult to maintain/pursue with every passing year. The crux of the biscuit is this - I'm just too tired to hit the bars and clubs and all the other the places one might go to find companionship...It's getting to be too much fucking work...I'd much prefer to hang out at home or at a friends house, doing the kinds of things people do indoors these days - play videogames, watch DVDs, listen to MP3s streaming from a PC and just bullshit about whatever...

In regards to my fading libido, I'm also less inclined to use pornography, and even so, I've always been more of an amateur porn consumer, which is my way of saying I've never really been too familiar with the work of the more famous professional porn starlets. For example, I've never seen even a 10 second sample clip of Jenna Jameson, and I feel like I'm not really missing anything.

Which is my way of saying that of the ten porntarts on this list, I'm only familiar with the work of two - Lexi Belle and Jenna Haze. I've heard of most of the others, but haven't seen them in action.

Which is beside the point of this list, really. I just happen to find the daily minutae of porntarts kinda fascinating. It's obvious that their Twitter profiles are mostly about self-promotion and branding, but some of these porntarts are actually quite interesting.


10: Lexi Belle: http://twitter.com/OMGitsLexi

09: Roxy DeVille: http://twitter.com/RoxyDeVille

08: Stoya: http://twitter.com/stoya

(BTW - the album in question is Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan)

01: Madison Mitchell: http://twitter.com/MadisonMitchell

Hotcha! Hank

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