25 December 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 148

I did the math. I crunched the numbers. I analyzed the playlists, and my conclusion is this - "The Whole Point Of No Return" was the most played song in my life, 2009 edition.
I believe this is because I have been working (again) on a screenplay called True Tales Of Warlord Todd, and this Style Council song gets used in a scene in which the camera moves through the crowded hallway of a high school circa 1985, in slow motion, showing the different cliques and classes of teenaged life - jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, heshers, freaks, speaks, Thurstons - which illustrates a more modern American interpretation of the old British classicism Paul Weller is singing about here.
For the record, the second most played song in my life this past year was "The Blood" by The Cure...
Another song for another scene...
Hotcha! Hank

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