26 February 2011

Something 4 The Weekend # 195

Utah Phillips: We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years: "Solidarity Forever" [mp3]

Let's be clear - the shit going down here in Madison and Wisconsin has less to do with balancing the state's budget, and more to do with busting some of the biggest unions in this state (and several other states) for political reasons - namely, to cripple, if not outright destroy, some of the biggest campaign contributors to the Democratic Party and it's candidates, nevermind that if these unions are weakened or "destroyed", the individuals who belong to these unions will undoubtedly continue to contribute and vote Democrat.

I think it's important to remember that historically unions have sided mostly with Democrats, because it illustrates a fundamental truth (as I see it) about the two American political parties - the Democrats are more representative to the working class, while Republicans are more representative to the ruling class. And I think the heavy-handed and disdainful way Governor Scott Walker has handled this whole situation further illustrates just how little he and his party care about the lower and middle class.

Setting aside the parts of Walker's bill pertaining to unions' collective bargaining rights, did you know there is also a provision that would allow publicly-held utilities such as Madison Gas & Electric to be sold to private entities using no-bid contracts? Did you know that the billionaire Koch brothers would then be able to purchase MG&E, as they would like to do?

The rich get richer, protect their own, and fuck the rest of us. That's the Republican way, and it's dismaying that so many Republicans and Tea Partiers, who are not rich, continue to support those who would fuck them too.

Hotcha! Hank

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