30 September 2011

Something 4 The Weekend # 221

Peaking Lights: 936: "All The Sun That Shines" [mp3]

This morning at work, a gust of wind set off several car alarms in the parking lot.

Later, at lunch, a coworker talked about his fascination and slight experience with S&M. I briefly thought about being pegged by our waitress, a tall, busty brunette with a slight gap in her front teeth, but found myself mostly annoyed by the fact that there was entirely too much teriyaki sauce on my Hawaiian Chicken sandwich. The bottom half of my bun had quickly turned into a soggy, unmanageable mess.

At 3:14 in the afternoon I received an email from our VP of Sales announcing an unusually large order of 9000 pieces of MSPSHD11000EP. Checking inventory, I saw that we only had 2000 finished pieces in stock, and only another 3000 boxes to build more. I quickly shot off my own email to our printer, requesting a price quote for 8000 boxes, and got to work writing purchase orders for two stickers that are also part of the assembly, and the assembly job order itself.

At 4:17 I got a second email from the VP of Sales telling me to immediately cease all operational activities related to this unusually large order until further notice. I went to the kitchen and bought a Butterfinger from the vending machine. On the message board is a flyer informing us that one of our coworkers is giving away a pair of adult cats to a good home. They are 8 year old siblings that must stay together. Eventually I'd like to get a kitten to replace Eno. Two 8 year olds are 1 cat and 7.5 years too many for me, unfortunately. I washed down the Butterfinger with a cup of coffee. The coffee is somewhat horrible.

I returned to my desk and ran a historical usage report for MSPSHD11000EP to reassure myself that this order for 9000 pieces was indeed unusually large. I thought about our waitress at lunch, and realized she kinda looked like Kat Dennings, who is currently #4 on my Laminated List this year, and playing a waitress on a CBS sitcom, 2 Broke Girls.

This song by Peaking Lights was playing on my computer, wherein there is about 15 gigabytes of MP3s that I play at random all day, every day, through my Mediamonkey player. The next song was "Im Partial To Your Abacadabra" by Ian Dury & The Blockheads.

I shut it down and drove home.

Hotcha! Hank

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Blogger Unknown said...

Any way of listening to you old podcast episodes?

I can only find the Sep 11 episode, which, by the way is really interesting and intriguing :)

October 01, 2011 12:09 AM  
Blogger Hank Mohaski said...

Thanks for listening, Diego.

The easy answer is that there's no way at the moment of hearing old episodes. I'm using a friend's server space, and in an ongoing attempt to keep it as clean as possible, I try to remove old episodes soon after their expiration date.

But who knows? If you keep listening, the day may come when I get the entire library online, which would be my ultimate goal.

Stayed tuned, and thanks for listening.


October 04, 2011 7:21 PM  

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