20 July 2012

Something 4 The Weekend # 243

John Coltrane:  A Love Supreme:  "Psalm"  [mp3]

Earlier today a rather fucked-up individual killed 12 people in a movie theater in Colorado.  We all know this.  We all know it could have been much worse.  I'm trying to avoid knowing any more than that, although it's an impossible task here on the internet.   The chittering of millions, mostly anonymous.  The squawking of pundits we can recognize, if not name. 

So much chittering and squawking back and forth, trying to weave some sort of reason for this latest atrocity, and it's all the usual suspects - lax gun laws, an inadequate mental health system and poor insurance coverage for the mentally ill, video games, a nation that is increasingly apathetic or antagonistic towards God and our saviour the lord Jesus Christ, and some strain of popular music, usually Fucking Metal.  It might also be the president's fault.

I'm sure all these reasons, and many more, somehow contributed to the WHY? of it all, but in the end I'm content to simply believe the killer, James Holmes, broke.  I mean, our brains are such complicated, delicate things, capable of imbalance and unreason, and even when we are relatively rational, we must still somehow make sense of a world that is cold and cruel and often nonsensical, as it always has been.

Why did James Holmes do what he did?  Because there are several billion people on this planet, and some of us are simply defective.  Imbalanced.  Unreasonable.  Fucked up. 

And have easy access to guns.


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Blogger AceAtredies said...

The best summary I've read is at:

A friend gave me a free online account at NYT and it is definetly a step up from even AP for insight etc. on news. I always appreciate the posts on C.Events, it reminds me of the old system of having state poets who created discussions of ideas like the burning of London etc.

July 22, 2012 12:05 PM  

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