10 November 2005

Nothing New Under The Sun

"Hot Poop" is a very short, weird song on Frank Zappa's We're Only In It For The Money album from 1968.

I like the word "poop". It's a funny word - funnier than "shit", though possibly not as potent. In fact, it might be the best and funniest word for, well, "poop", ya dig? Although I gotta say, HOT PLOP woulda been a worthy alternative...

Also, we can use "poop" around children and beige people without offending sensibilities. That's somehow important.

Those of you who know me are aware of my two websites, The Butterscotch Threshold, and The Projectionists. They take up plenty of my free time, probably too much of my free time, but I'm a part-time masochist, and I seriously contemplated starting a third website called, you guessed it, Hot Poop. I was serious enough about this that I did a search at GoDaddy, only to find that there is already a Hot Poop website out there on teh internets. This broke my heart, even though I'm not really an asshole (another Zappa reference), but I quickly got over it because, really, what the fuck was I gonna put on THAT website that I couldn't just put on my two existing websites?

Anyways, this existing Hot Poop website is home to "Walla Walla's Only Bing Bang Music & Stereo Shop", and peaking around that site, well, it seems pretty cool, and makes me want to visit Walla Walla and meet Jim McGuinn, Hot Poop's "principle poop". He seems like a neat guy, if only cuz he's undoubtedly a Zappa freak like me.


So, anyways, this is all my rambling way of saying I'm not always an original thinker. I do believe, however, that culture is a virus, and we take and we use whatever we find in our culture, and we spread the disease, so to speak, so I'm not the only one. Hell, this is the very nature of the blogosphere, innit? You betcha!

This blog of mine isn't dedicated to Frank Zappa, though I'm sure his name and legacy will pop up around here from time to time. No, Hot Poop is really nothing more and nothing less than an archive of whatever seems to be "hot" at any given time, whether I like it or not. And yes, I'll be sure to share my own opinions on these things, cuz well, that's how we do this, right?


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