15 July 2006

The 4401st

I wish I could simply tell you that I was abducted by aliens, and that was the reason HOT POOP has sat dormant and neglected since last November, but we all know life isn't so fantastically convenient.

The truth is - I'm just human, dammit!

Yes, it's true. And as a human, I have these tendencies to procrastinate and then simply give up on all sorts of things - things like housework, relationships, reading Tolstoy, acquiring a taste for beets, watching Grey's Anatomy, and regularly updating HOT POOP.

But obviously, I haven't forgotten about HOT POOP, and here I am, trying to convince myself that I haven't entirely given up on this blog. Not yet, anyways.

The trick, for me, is to update this blog often enough for the act to become habitual, because I am nothing if not an addict. Which is entirely human, as well...Alot of us, if we do anything often enough, then have a hard time stopping - things like alcohol and masturbation, reading EW magazine and making serial killer snow globes, watching That 70's Show in syndication...

So, you see, this is really all about Newton's First Law Of Motion, and for that, I can't apologize.


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