25 May 2007

Something 4 The Weekend # 35

The Au Pairs have kinda been lost in the fog of time...Where the comparable Gang Of Four have entered some sort of rarified air of historical importance and outright cool, The Au Pairs, well...You either had their Playing With A Different Sex LP in yr collection, and you still remember it fondly, or you probably never heard 'em, even if ya heard of 'em...They only made two albums, and well, you never really see 'em mentioned very often, not like their contemporaries...Castle Music put those two albums on one shiny disc last year, and so there was some minor hubbub that week, then everybody went back to blogging The Cold War Kids and whatever...

This isn't to say that The Au Pairs are absolutely obscure, and I'm some sort of sage here...I was just scouring my hard drives for something to stream on HOT POOP, and I was glad when I happened across the Au Pairs folder...It reminded me that I still have the vinyl after 25 years, and the music still has plenty of juice...

Hotcha! Hank

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