08 March 2008

This Maneuver's Gotten Outta Hand

The name of this band is Les Savy Fav.

The name of this song is "Patty Lee", and it's off their most recent album, Let's Stay Friends.

The word on the streets is that's teen Punk Popper Ashlee Simpson dancing around in this video, but streets is often wrong, and Pete Wentz and Papa Joe could not be reached for comment. I mention all this for no other reason than perhaps tagging Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy will drag some eyeballs to this blogforsaken outpost of Hot Poopery and whatnot.

If I can find the proper motivation, I'd like to hunt down the band's performance of this song on a recent episode of Conan's show, cuz it may just restore yr faith in rock'n'roll, if yr faith in such happens to get shaken from time to time...like mine.

Hotcha! Hank

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