04 June 2009


June 4th, 1974 - Hoping to jack up ticket sales at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Cleveland Indians offered all fans an unlimited supply of 10 cent cups of Stroh's beer. Drunken unruliness ensued and the Indians were forced to forfeit the game to the Rangers because the umpires were unable to get the crowd under control. I wish I could have been there.

June 4th, 1989 - Crowds of different protesters and activists had initially assembled in Tiananmen Square in Beijing to mourn the death of a pro-market, pro-democracy official, and they had assembled there for almost two months before the Chinese military moved in and clamped down on the crowd which had grown to more than 100,000...An estimated 2600 people died in what is sometimes called the "June Fourth Massacre", and its immediate aftermath...I don't believe we know what happened to "Tank Man", standing there at the heart of one of the most amazing images ever captured on film.
Hotcha! Hank

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