15 August 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 131

I've been listening exclusively to the complete works of WEEN on an MP3 disc in my automobile for the last couple of weeks...13 weird and wonderful albums of eclectic music that pretty much covers every conceivable style of music known to the average person and/or WEEN fan...
I'm not sure what kind of music "Poop Ship Destroyer" is, but when I decided it was about fucking time I featured WEEN on S4TW, there was almost no hesitation - this had to be the featured song...Now, I briefly considered the 26 minute live version from Paintin' The Town Brown, but sometimes a little goes a long way...At a slim 2 minutes and 17 seconds, this version goes just far enough...Part of me thinks this song might be a children's song, and the Pure Guava album a children's album, but of course this is WEEN we're talking about here, so things get a bit messy and ugly and twisted.
I guess it's all the pitch-shifted vocals on Pure Guava that make me think this way...Songs like "Push Th' Little Daisies" that sound like they're being sung by kids...Meanwhile the music is mostly bouncy and happy and fun for children of all ages, nevermind that Gene Ween is singing about drug addiction and violent death, and disease and asshole fatboys and poop ship destroyers and all sorts of tender situations that make Gener cry in his sleep...According to Deaner...
Awesome Sound! WEEN!
Hotcha! Hank

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