31 July 2009


29 Chicks On Bass

If I've learned anything at Jezebel, it's that plenty of women of today don't like the term "chick", but then again, I suppose plenty of women weren't too keen on that word long before there were websites where they could voice their disdain...Now, I don't think there is a blinding hatred for the term "chick", but among women who care about the soft misogyny of this kind of word, I believe "annoyed" might be the proper adjective. Now, "chickie" might elicit a more heated response, but this ain't the Rat Pack era, and nobody really uses that term anymore...

So, maybe I'm some sort of tool for calling women "chicks", but I'm a tool that reads Jezebel...

I'm also a dude who posted a picture of Ali Larter's ass two days ago, so who the hell knows what to make of all this except I'm making entirely too much of all this...

Here's the thing, babycakes (a term of endearment I often use that is directed at both genders) - "chick" isn't really meant as a demeaning, belittling term - not by me, and I dare say, not by most men who use the word liberally in casual conversation...It's nothing more and nothing less than a female version of "dude", and I don't believe there's a dude alive who gets offended when other dudes (and chicks) call him "dude".

And here's where we get to the tender heart of this matter - women who play bass in rock bands are exactly the kind of women who deserve to be called "chicks", who often get called "chicks", and who have really earned the right, I'd say. Most of the women I've known who might rightly be called "chicks" were pretty fucking righteous, and yeah, a couple of 'em played bass (thanks to Kim Deal). I wasn't cool enough to get close to most of 'em, and the two or three I managed to attract didn't stay interested for long.

Those are chicks.

I could have listed more than 29 chicks on bass. Alot more, but I think at 29, I've made some sort of point. That point being - damn, there are a hella lot of chicks who play bass. Why is that? Maybe Billy Corgan could give us a clue - he's had at least three chicks working the low end for him over the years...

How many chicks are there on bass? So many that I came up with the band name ...And You Shall Know Us By The Chick On Bass, which is somewhere on my NAME THAT BAND list...

Anyways...The #1 all-time greatest chick on bass was never in question, and nows a good time to mention that I do believe that "the world moves on a woman's hips"...

The rest are ranked according to a complex matrix of musical ability, historical importance, personal taste, sex appeal, units shifted, footwear, and caprice.

See below...


29: Sean Yseult: White Zombie
28: Donna Dresch: Team Dresch
27: Kristin Pfaff: Hole
26: Jill Cuniff: Luscious Jackson
25: Suzi Quatro: solo artist
24: Josephine Wiggs: The Breeders
23: Vicki Blue: The Runaways
22: Tracy Wormworth: The Waitresses, The B-52's
21: Maya Ford: The Donnas
20: Rachel Haden: That Dog, The Rentals, Todd Rundgren
19: Melissa Auf der Maur: Hole, Smashing Pumpkins
18: Gina Birch: The Raincoats
17: Paz Lenchantin: A Perfect Circle, Zwan
16: Jennifer Finch: L7
15: Johnette Napolitano: Concrete Blonde
14: Kathy Valentine: The Go-Go's
13: Meshell Ndegeocello: solo artist
12: Naomi Yang: Galaxy 500, Damon & Naomi
11: Britta Phillips: Luna, Dean & Britta
10: Laura Ballance: Superchunk
09: D'Arcy Wretzky: Smashing Pumpkins
08: Tessa Pollitt: The Slits
07: Kim Gordon: Sonic Youth, Free Kitten, Ciccone Youth
06: Nikki Monninger: Silversun Pickups
05: Kim Deal: The Pixies, The Breeders, The Amps
04: Micki Steele: The Runaways, The Bangles
03: Kira Roessler: Black Flag, Dos
02: Sara Lee: Gang Of Four, The B-52's
01: Tina Weymouth: Talking Heads

Hotcha! Hank

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