22 January 2010

Something 4 The Weekend # 151

I was stumbling around eMusic last week, and happened across Surfer Blood. Of course, it was the album cover that caught my eye immediately, and seeing that the band was called Surfer Blood, I was pretty certain they would play some form of Fucking Metal. I mean, ya got the ancient violence of a great white shark on the cover, combined with one of the coolest band names I've run across in quite awhile, it's gotta be Fucking Metal, right?
Wrong...But that's quite alright, because Surfer Blood plays a rather attractive kind of Power Pop, still reliant on guitars, but nothing that really comes close to Fucking Metal. Now, I downloaded the album immediately, and while there are a couple of unformed duds on the longplayer, there's still plenty of full-formed songs that convincingly prove that this young band from Florida have a bright future if they want it. Including this song, "Floating Vibes", which kicks off the album with a riff that is utterly undeniable, at least to me. Good stuff, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this band goes...
Hotcha! Hank

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