05 June 2010

Something 4 The Weekend # 169

Nazareth: No Mean City: "May The Sunshine" [mp3]

Here in America, Nazareth is known for two songs, "Love Hurts" and "Hair Of The Dog", and that's really about it. Over in the UK, this Scottish band is nothing short of legendary, still together, still touring, and still releasing records after 42 years in the business. No mean feat. I think that longevity can be summed up in a line from this very song - "never let your dreams grow small".

This particular song is my favorite Nazareth song. It got played a bit on the radio back in 1979 when this album was released, but certainly doesn't get played on the radio today. Not surprising, since FM rock radio in the United States is an absolute fucking joke. Nothing but small dreams on the FM dial. Dreams of profit and nothing else.

Anyways, I hope the sun is shining bright on you this beautiful Saturday in June. I'm off to the park to feed the ducks and read. Perhaps I'll read to the ducks.

Hotcha! Hank

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