11 March 2011

Something 4 The Weekend # 197

Yuck: Yuck: "Suck" [mp3]

The '90s were a pretty good decade, I guess. Flannel was popular for awhile...Coffee was hot.

Outside of Mudhoney and maybe the Ultramega OK album, I'm not sure what Grunge was...N0t anymore...The Melvins continue to rule them all...

After that, after Grunge, everything in music just went haywire...Rap metal. Industrial Goth. Arena Grunge. Britpop. A swing revival. Twee indie pop. Techno. Jam bands. Boy Bands. Festival seating! Lilith Fairs! We were all post-grunge losers, babycakes, why don't you beer me? Make sure it's an Icehouse.

LOL...Pepsi Clear and ice beer. Disinfecting bellybutton piercings and listening to Bjork...Aaaah, the '90s...

Anyways, plenty of critics and plebs are saying Yuck sounds like the 1990s (the decade, not the band), and I'll say it too. Whatever...

Music's been haywire ever since. The internet, blahblahblah...Bands are starting up each and every day, and they're all a click or three away, all the time, the endless links and yr second harddrive's quickly filling up...Yr media player on RANDOM and how many songs really LEAP OUT? How many songs make you stop what yr doing and check WHO THE HELL IS THIS?

And doesn't it seem it's always only one or four artists that make you look?

Is Yuck one of those bands? Yeah, they could be. They sound like the '90s, but they've got really good songs, some good sounds, and certainly strong melodies...And they've got some range, obviously, if they sound like chunks of an entire decade.

Yuck could be super, I suppose, two or three albums from now...What I mean is, if they can string together a couple more albums like this, they could be soundchecked themselves in 2027...

But the culture is all haywire, and Yuck could just as easily get lost and break up and get kinda forgotten...Like The Libertines.

Yuck doesn't suck right now. I suppose that's just enough these days.

Hotcha! Hank

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