28 August 2011


24 Unused Song Titles From An Old Notebook

I used to be a musician. A songwriter with a small home studio. Well, I still am, but not with the same kind of fervor that I used to employ.

So I found a notebook from the spring of 2001. A spiral bound thing full of notes and ideas, poems and fragments of bigger ambitions, abstract doodles and a list of possible song titles, because like I said, I'm a songwriter. None of these titles have ever been used, so feel free, I guess. Most were intended for instrumental tracks, but I suppose I could have written lyrics for something called "Korn Tab" if I had just wanted to try.


24: 10-10-321
23: Korn Tab
22: Demon In The Sack
21: Rooster Chews Tobacco
20: Numbers That Are Greater Than One
19: Unme No Jikan
18: Wall-To-Wall Syrup
17: I Had A Datsun That Color
16: The Distinct Aroma Of Gasoline And Capacitors
15: Mario Speedwagon Sez "This is the fucking bizness!"
14: I Can't Even Imagine Slash's Dad
13: Robust Chin Jism in C
12: I'd Like To Meet The Guy From Don Caballero Who Came Up With Their Song Titles
11: Land O'Smiles
10: The Devil Or Doug
09: Everything Is Factory, Dude
08: I've Got No Beef With Iggy
07: Unity Gain
06: Meet The Depeche Mode Remix Contest That Killed Me
05: I'm Curious About The Fugs
04: Suburban Housewife Oil Orgy in C
03: Satchmo Double Helix
02: I Once Lived In My Father's Balls
01: Nanker Phelge

Hotcha! Hank

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