06 August 2006

Black Mission Goggles

I've been hunkered down in teh Tubes through this long night, waiting for the bona fide and elusive Man Man video to appear. Just moments ago this 22 second video of Shannon's two favorite people dancing to Man Man's "Black Mission Goggles" scurried across my vision. It's not even a taste of savory Man Man, but it's something. While I continue to search, and you continue to sleep the sleep of someone who doesn't even know HOT POOP exists (and justly so), won't you please (not) enjoy this MP3 of "Black Mission Goggles" , courtesy of THEE BST. It's 5 minutes of Spaghetti Polka madness...Or maybe Polish Raga Surf...I dunno, it's early/late/caffeine/fumes...

Man Man: "Black Mission Goggles": 4.59mb MP3

Hotcha Hotcha!

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