06 August 2006

Machine Man!

This is a quick and trim, high-energy opening sequence for a Japanese television show called Machine Man that I found while searching YouTube for Man Man videos. At first I thought our hero looked like an old friend of mine who signed Vyvonne to all his painting, but upon further inspection, I decided I was wrong, cuz Vyvonne is only 1/4 Japanese. It is true that he listened to The Cure's Japanese Whispers with some frequency, and once I think I caught him spinning Half Japanese at a punky suburban basement party. It's also true that Vyvonne is 1/4 Korean, and he always had a jar of kimchi in the fridge at our Grafton beatnik flat, circa 1989, and he got me hooked bad for awhile...The other 1/2 of Vyvonne is French, but I'm not sure how that fits into this post's equation. Maybe Honus Honus of Man Man is French. I'm still looking for a decent video of theirs to shoot to you, again with teh tubes.


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