21 March 2007

So Here's The Thing

I was sitting in my car in Taco John's parking lot...The one on Regent, right?...

Lunch hour, and I was sitting there eating my Taco Bravo and Potato Oles while listening to "The Lake", one of Madison's Classic Rock stations, and suddenly, a shot rang out...


...And there I was, sitting in my car, waiting for the man...You know...Hundred and sixty bucks in my hand, and there's somebody with a gun somewhere nearby! And I'm thinking, Taco John's Potato Oles are good because of the celery salt, which is the same reason Pizza Extreme has the best potato wedges I've ever eaten in my life, plus the fact that they throw in a quart's worth of ketchup packets, but the main point here is that Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" was playing on the radio and there was too much syrup in the Pink Lemonade...


My guy shows up two minutes later in his stone-washed pickup truck, hauling pallets for cash and hooking me up...Hundred and sixty bucks in his hand, and you know somewhere in the front of my mind I'm wondering if he had something to do with the shot that rang out two minutes earlier...Hauling pallets is a nasty, cutthroat business, and don't let anyone say otherwise...

My guy and I leaned up against his pickup truck in Taco John's parking lot, and we talked for fifteen minutes about car accidents and Wu-Tang Clan (don't ask me how) and this and that and other things, and we chowed down on our grub and lemonades, and after bumping fists and a warm hug, I went back to my office and spent the next two hours creating UPC numbers for 64 localized products (software) coming out in a couple months...I was spinning an MP3 CDr loaded with ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd albums, when suddenly a shot rang out!


Can't you smell that smell?

Gunpowder and fried synapses...Celery salt and Alabama bambalancha...

Godzilla sportin' ketchup breath...

Right there in the office, mid-afternoon.

And the thing is - I like it this way.



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