01 April 2007

Sunday Morning, 6am

From time to time I suffer bouts of insomnia. Usually these bouts last for about a week, and then I'm back to "normal" for a few months. Well, this week has been rather sleepless for me, and I found myself wide awake at 6am this morning, sitting on the couch with a Lester Bangs anthology on my lap, and pretty much nothing but infomercials and religious programming on the television.

So, I found myself actually paying attention to one of the preachers on the cathode teat, and he was rambling on about LUCK being a four letter word (spelled W-O-R-K, btw), and somehow this segued into something about FEAR and the apocalypse, and somewhere in this rant of his, he mentioned the NEW EARTH, and these two words immediately piqued my curiosity, cuz I can usually recognize New Age mumbo jumbo when I hear it...

I did a quick Google search for "new earth", and yes, I found myself staring into the gaping maw of New Age feel-goodery of the kind I must admit I was unfamiliar with. More specifically, I found myself on a website entitled Children of The New Earth...


So, this is the deal, as plainly as I can describe it:

Autistic kids are actually CHILDREN OF THE NEW EARTH or CHILDREN OF NOW. If I was browsing smartly, they're also known as CHILDREN OF LIGHT and CRYSTALLINE KIDS.

Hyperactive and Attention-Deficit Discorder kids are INDIGO CHILDREN or INDIGOS.

CHILDREN OF NOW are characterized as being highly empathetic, old souls who are wise beyond their years. They are extremely sensitive to their environments, prefer solitude and typically have a fear of intimacy. They hate crowds, have a deep love for animals, are traumatized by inhumanity, and are natural healers and peacemakers and typically enjoy a higher spiritual connection to the universe than "normal" children. In other words, they are very special.

INDIGO CHILDREN are characterized as having strong self-esteem, mostly non-conformist, who have heightened creativity and trouble coping with ritual-oriented systems such as school. They develop abstract thinking at a very young age, are highly intelligent, get bored easily, daydream alot, and often have trouble with rage. They are very special.

Of course, more rational minds might say that the Children of Now are the weirdo loners in the classroom, and the Indigo Children are the disruptive, troublemaking bullies, though perhaps these characterizations are a bit too extreme. All I know, as I stated before, is that these kids are usually diagnosed as Autistic and ADD/ADHD, and the New Age philosophies that have been built up around these two generic personality types define these children as very special beings who have simply been misdiagnosed by school psychologists and drugged accordingly.

Now, somebody (okay, it was Karl Marx) once said, religion is the opiate of the masses, so it's safe to say that drugs can take on many forms, which is my way of saying that this INDIGO and CRYSTAL CHILDREN stuff is nothing more or less than a panacea for the parents of children who are loner weirdos or troublemaking weirdos.

Don't get me wrong, autism is real, and I can sympathize, but from my readings this morning, I found that many of the kids in question on these new age websites don't actually suffer from full-blown autism, but are simply shy, self-conscious kids who have trouble interacting socially with other kids, and their parents are unable to cope with these facts. If those parents happen to be of a New Age bent, well, it's not surprising they'd buy into this whole CHILDREN OF NOW foolishness.

Attention-deficit disorder, on the other hand, I'm not too sure about. When I was a kid, it was called "hyperactivity", and it was typically handled with therapy, rather than drugs like Ritalin. But even as a kid, it seemed obvious to me that these kids were nothing more than disruptive bullies who suffered at the hands of bad parenting and a lack of discipline. If those bad parents happen to be of a New Age bent, well, their kid's bad behavior isn't their fault, because their kids are special. They're INDIGO KIDS.

Now, I'm not exactly sure where this rant of mine is supposed to go, or even what it's supposed to mean. I found it interesting that time and again the people who run these websites (and who are typically selling books and magazine subscriptions about INDIGOS and CRYSTALLINE KIDS) are emphatic that their beliefs transcend mere Christianity, and yet the Archangels Michael and Gabriel figure heavily, and like I said at the beginning of this post, this entire excursion of mine began because of a Christian preacher mentioning the NEW EARTH during a televised sermon.

Whether or not there is a real Christian component to this entire NEW EARTH/INDIGO/CRYSTALLINE CHILDREN phenomenon, what is true is that much like Christianity, there is a distinct negation of psychiatry and modern medicine, and once again, we're getting into post-structural philosophies of the Foucault variety. A philosophy that tells us that the individual is essentially a blank slate, an empty vessel, upon which institutions of power attempt to etch their own control. Religion. Medicine. Law. Psychiatry. The Entertainment Industry. To name just a few.

In the end, none of 'em truly care about you or me. They care about our money, and as somebody else once said (alright, PT Barnum), there's a sucker born every minute.

Who are you? Or better yet, who told you who you are? No matter, the sad truth is, you aren't really very special at all. Neither am I. Especially at 6 am on a Sunday morning.


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I could never pitch to lefties without walking or hitting them.
A slow stroll to first in any event.

April 10, 2007 8:35 PM  

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