07 July 2007

Something 4 7/07/007

Little is known about Black Moth Super Rainbow. They are from the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Members of the band include (but are not limited to) Father Hummingbird, Iffernaut, and Power Pill Fist. They record their albums live in the studio. This is all the information I was able to glean from eMusic, where I downloaded their third and latest album on a lark.

The album is entitled Dandelion Gum, which is somehow a fair representation of the dirty candy music they're spootin' here. Like one of those big, swirly lollipops, covered in lint and cat hair. Grass clippings in yr cotton candy. A bumblebee floating in yr strawberry milkshake.

I'm pretty sure "Sun Lips" is the first single off the album, cuz that mp3 is all over teh intertubes. It's a very hot song right now, so I thought I'd spin another tune from Dandelion Gum called "Drippy Eye", which indeed has a trippy, dippy quality to it, like Stereolab chewing on caramelized psilocybin.
Mmmm, Laetitia Sadier covered in butterscotch sauce...

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