06 July 2007

2007 Laminated List # 2

If you've been reading HOT POOP since last November, then you might already remember that Tina Fey is on my Laminated List...

And here we are. Number two...

Tina Fey is smart, and a smartass, and she often wears cute, geeky glasses, on and off the best sitcom currently on television (sorry to those at The Office), and ever since she had a baby daughter in 2005, her boobs have gotten downright heavy, and damn if she doesn't flash that milky rack all over 30 Rock, with a crooked smile on her lips, and an off-key song in her heart.

Possibly a Rogers & Hammerstein tune. Or maybe Abba.

I imagine Tina Fey was a SPEAK when she was in high school. In my high school, The Speaks were that group of kids who were in band, the musicals, student council, and the debate team and all the other disciplines known as FORENSICS.

I was in Forensics. I was in the Demonstrative Prose category, and I won't bore you with the details of THAT, but I will tell you that for me, Forensics opened up the doors to the world of The Speaks, and I quickly learned that those geeky girls in that group were wiiiild partiers, *wink wink* and so then my friends and I started calling 'em Speak Freaks...

So I figure Tina Fey was a Speak Freak, circa 1987. Depeche Mode mix tapes and pints of blackberry brandy. Ponytails and braces. I knew a few Tina Feys in high school.

But the real Tina Fey, today, is a bonafide MILF, and she just keep getting better and better.

Hotcha! Hank

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